EUROTHERM Seminar Nr. 98
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Eurotherm Seminar No. 98 July 4-5th 2013, Vienna University of Technology

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Scope of the Conference

Parabolic Mirror

This two day seminar aims to be an expert platform to exchange, discuss, disseminate and evolve scientific knowledge in the field of concentrating solar energy conversion systems.

It will present the state of technology in this area as well as new development
trends and research topics. The seminar setup is that of a small scale conference with room for discussion between the attendants from academia, industry and politics.

Topics of interest include:

•    Dish systems
•    Tower systems
•    Parabolic trough systems
•    Fresnel systems
•    Cylindrical reflector systems
•    Concentration systems for offshore applications
•    Concentrated photovoltaic
•    Thermodynamic and heat transfer processes
•    Solar-Chemistry
•    Solar-Electrochemistry
•    Storage systems for thermal energy

Contributions on optics, tracking systems, mechanical stability, energy conversion as well as economic aspects are welcome.

The meeting will include both invited and contributed presentations. It is designed to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and the interaction between theorists, experimentalists and practitioners working in the various fields of solar engineering.

English will be the official language of the seminar and of all provided material.